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Fall of Arcades is finally available on Amazon.

The Fall of Arcades

In the Fall of the Arcades, author Azriel Hope introduces an intricate world encompassing dark angels, fairies, trolls, gods, and mortals. This engaging story is told from the alternating viewpoints of Rayelynn and Farrow, who are from different realms but quickly find their lives impossibly intertwined. Rayelynn, blamed for the death of her mother, feels out of place among her own people, although she is a member of the commander’s family. Farrow is a powerful immortal whose endless days are filled with pain and pleasure as the prince of the fallen angels. When Rayelynn finds herself Farrow's captive, both of their worlds are shaken up in ways they could never imagine.

In this fantasy romance novel, Hope strays from the black and white concept of good and evil with her complex characters that defy categorization. The world she creates is distinctive and exciting with endless potential for additional stories to be to…