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More Immortal Romance Books, Desdemona, one-star blues

I so wanted to leave a comment for the person who decided to give a one-star review to all of my books (one she didn't even read).

I would have said:

"Why didn't you like the books? They had trolls in them." HA HA HA HA :) some people just suck.

But alas, I didn't...or did I just....hmmm.

I'm madly writing for my boss...yay insanity. The books I ghostwrite continue to be best sellers...sigh.

AND...I'm writing for another publisher, so that book is also taking time, but my stand-alone now has an outline and a book cover and...concept art, so it's moving from a brain blob to the pupae stage of story development.

I am also outlining the next of the Immortal Romance Series, this one will not feature fallen angels as heavily but will deal with other realms of Eternity and will follow Rayelynn's twin brother's life, at least he will be one of the characters. But that trilogy will begin at the end of the year, so probably the first book will be out …