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A great big thank you to Morgan Hazelwood @ for spotlighting me in her author's spotlight.

I really appreciate her adding me to her illustrious list of authors, I am very honored. Check it out.

And for those of you waiting, The Reign of a Queen is available for preorder on Amazon here:

I am so excited about this final book in the series. :) This will end Rayelynn and Farrow's story, but there may be more in the future. I'll reach out to readers to see if they are interested in reading more about the world of fallen angels, fairies and gods. :)

Doing a Little House Keeping

REMINDER :) THE REIGN OF A QUEEN IS COMING SOON!!!!!! Just a couple of weeks now (March. 11, 2020) and Reign of a Queen will be live on Amazon :) I am so excited about this first series of three books being completed and Rayelynn, Farrow and Drayden's stories told.

After that, the next book will be a stand-alone, Desdemona due out in the summer of 2020...more on that later. I have started writing books under Azriel Hope, I've been learning a lot about self-publishing. As I learn, I adjust. I am so grateful that people are enjoying The Fall of Arcades and The Rise of a King and I'm so excited to publish the Reign of a Queen which I think is the best of all three books. However, with that said, I have gotten a few bad reviews for The Fall of Arcades to accompany the many good ones.

It was the first book in the series and I wrote it with so much passion, my beta readers loved it, my editor loved it and well...I thought the world would love it. But after some very wel…

Rise of a King is FREEEEEE

Grab a copy this weekend as The Rise of a King is free until tomorrow (1.11-1.12) you enjoy this book know that THE REIGN OF A QUEEN comes out Tuesday, January 28th, 2020...I'm excited for the last book in this series of three.

It is epic!!!!!! and fun.

Look for my interview on Author's Spotlight on  coming on January 28, 2020

Changing the Cover Art for The Reign of a Queen and Music that Inspired the Story

I just never was that into my book cover for The Reign of a Queen, I thought it was sort of cheesy, but then I didn't, then I did, and then I found this!!!!!! YES! This one tells the story much better.
My fourteen year old agrees this is the one. So...three more weeks and The Reign of a Queen will be here. 
As a tidbit to tempt you I'm including a few songs that are fueling the writing at the moment. 
I Want You to Want Me Gary Jules I love this... it's so haunting...Farrow's Song

This is also so sad and beautiful
Jasmine Thompson cover of Everybody Hurts ..Rayelynn's Song

So dark, deep and uplifting...Drayden's song.
Disturbed - Sounds of Silence

and Hallelujah by Pentatonix

and lastly, my daughter's choir :) but seriously this song got me...and it definitely foreshadows the end of this book and the trilogy :)
Sisi ni Moja (One World One People)

The Fall of Arcades is Free for a Few Days

The Fall of Arcades is free for a few days on Amazon...grab it up before it's gone. Woo hoo. From 12/30 to 1/2

And in other news The Reign of the Queen is almost done :) and boy it is a doozy of an end to this trilogy.  Here is some teaser concept art to make you go hmmmmm... (all images totally just lifted from the internet. I'll commission the illustrator I work with for images for the book or further work) of her pictures is here :)

WARNING: Little itsy bitsy spoilers ahead....nothing that will change the journey only a nugget to make you wonder...

Someone might end up in Martu Mara!

and spoiler...

Rayelynn finally meets her real father and brother
and becomes a powerful Queen, Goddess, and Mother.

and Farrow a good father...

But at what cost?

That's all for now...The Reign of a Queen is coming soon.

The Rise of a King is on Amazon

I am so excited about this book....


And...I'm already deep into book three which will be even more epic than the first two.

I hope you enjoy Rise of a King and please if you like the book, could you leave a review on Amazon.

Tomorrow I will be showing some concept art for the Reign of a Queen as a teaser...ENJOY...EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Music for The Rise of a King

Music, as well as pictures, is another thing that inspires me to write, often lingering in my head for days and days on end. I always write with music in my mind. This is the music that inspired Rise of a King.

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to why I listen to certain songs, but they just bring it out of me...whatever it is I need.

So for the Rise of a King, the story is dark, it's lonely and it's hopeful. So songs that expressed longing were the ones that drew me in. For whatever reason, I was obsessed with the Greatest here are the two that stayed with me hard!

Rewrite the Stars. I feel like this is Drayden being romantic. He wants what he wants, even though it might be for the wrong reasons...he still is hopeful about it.

The next one is also from the Greatest Showman.

Never Enough. For this song, the context comes from Rayelynn's point of view. No matter what Drayden offers her and all that he tries to woo her with will never be enough because s…