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Celestine 1900's Fairytale Romance Sample

CELESTINE: 1900's Fairytale Romance Sample Adrien didn’t know why he had allowed Monsieur Kim to convince him to go to the Palais Rose. Though he considered all cabaret theaters to be distasteful, the Palais Rose was better by far than the harlot houses in the red light district and the Moulin Rouge down the street. The Palais Rose was where men of means went for a baser kind of entertainment. Monsieur Kim insisted that Adrien join him as he had visited once before and was enchanted. Knowing that his business associate, who tended to be quite melancholy, could use some light entertainment, Monsieur Kim wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. “Please join me. It’s all in good fun. The women are excellent dancers. Have a drink with me and stay for the show. I promise to let you leave after that. As a show of my gratitude I shall give you a deep discount on your first shipment. It will feel like you are stealing from me.” Monsieur Kim had a mesmerizing smile that moved Adrien, so against hi

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