More Immortal Romance Books, Desdemona, one-star blues

I so wanted to leave a comment for the person who decided to give a one-star review to all of my books (one she didn't even read).

I would have said:

"Why didn't you like the books? They had trolls in them." HA HA HA HA :) some people just suck.

But alas, I didn't...or did I just....hmmm.

I'm madly writing for my boss...yay insanity. The books I ghostwrite continue to be best sellers...sigh.

AND...I'm writing for another publisher, so that book is also taking time, but my stand-alone now has an outline and a book cover and...concept art, so it's moving from a brain blob to the pupae stage of story development.

I am also outlining the next of the Immortal Romance Series, this one will not feature fallen angels as heavily but will deal with other realms of Eternity and will follow Rayelynn's twin brother's life, at least he will be one of the characters. But that trilogy will begin at the end of the year, so probably the first book will be out …

So what now? In the time of THE VIRUS!!!!!

Now that the Reign of a Queen is out there what next....well hopefully lots of people will read the trilogy and yes...eventually THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!! From the world of the Gods of Estancia, the fairy realms and other lands, we will see more of Rayelynn and Farrow...and their families, but they will not be the focus of the next set of books. The next trilogy will focus on a different part of eternity and will follow other characters. Most likely the children, the gods, and other uncharted worlds as the Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series followed fallen angels and fairies, this would focus on the gods and other beings. BUT...that series isn't coming for a while. Just know it is coming eventually. :)

There will be a stand-alone first, Desdemona which is an apocalyptic retelling of Adam and Eve sort will be a contemporary fairytale and should be a fun stand-alone to sink into. Then perhaps one more stand-alone and back into the world of Eternity. :) Just for those who …


ONE MORE DAY until Reign of a Queen is HERE!!!!!
The Reign of a Queen: Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Book #3

And The Fall of Arcades: Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Book #1  IS FREE

The Reign of a King: Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Book #2 IS FREE

Rayelynn and Farrow
Farrow and Farren
Farrow and Raven

Why? And it's DONE!!!!

I'm sitting here taking a day before I begin a bunch of other projects...just reflecting. I am thrilled that The Fallen Angel Immortal Romance story has now been TOLD :) and soon you will read it all. :) 
I am Azriel Hope and that is a part of my name :) but I have a name I use every day. I have a traditionally published young adult novel series that will be here in a billion years :) but I didn't want kids getting a hold of my Azriel Hope books so I separated my name to make sure they didn't read them one day. I am also a best-selling novelist for contemporary romances under a pen name I ghostwrite for my boss. Sadly I can't say who I am :( I am also waiting to hear if a television movie I wrote with a friend will get a green-light. We are really close :)
There will be more books by Azriel Hope, in fact, the next book, a stand-alone, is in the works. It has been outlined and I'm getting ready to tease you about it :)
But before I put the Fall of Arcades series to…

EPIC!!!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!!!! The Reign of a Queen

MARCH. 11. 2020

We are nine days away from Reign of a Queen and let me tell you this last book in the Fallen Angel Immortal Romance EPIC!!!!!

Here are some pictures, lifted from the give you a hint at the story. (all completely stolen from the internet) ...I don't see my characters as having such severely pointed ears though...:)

SPOILER!!! There is one scene that I have written that makes me cry...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (Even doing mundane things like editing...I cry) so yah, there's that.

Farrow and Rayelyyn
Farrow and his daughter Raven
Farrow's journey....

Naida and Anastasia

Drayden and the ultimate darkness....
Martu Mara

Drayden and Rayelynn

Drayden and Baltane

Farrow and Rayelynn
So....there you have it, just a snippet of stolen pictures from the internet that gives a glimpse of some of the story...
and NINE MORE DAYS..........

Author's Spotlight on :) WEEE HOOO!

A great big thank you to Morgan Hazelwood @ for spotlighting me in her author's spotlight.

I really appreciate her adding me to her illustrious list of authors, I am very honored. Check it out.

And for those of you waiting, The Reign of a Queen is available for preorder on Amazon here:

I am so excited about this final book in the series. :) This will end Rayelynn and Farrow's story, but there may be more in the future. I'll reach out to readers to see if they are interested in reading more about the world of fallen angels, fairies and gods. :)

Doing a Little House Keeping

REMINDER :) THE REIGN OF A QUEEN IS COMING SOON!!!!!! Just a couple of weeks now (March. 11, 2020) and Reign of a Queen will be live on Amazon :) I am so excited about this first series of three books being completed and Rayelynn, Farrow and Drayden's stories told.

After that, the next book will be a stand-alone, Desdemona due out in the summer of 2020...more on that later. I have started writing books under Azriel Hope, I've been learning a lot about self-publishing. As I learn, I adjust. I am so grateful that people are enjoying The Fall of Arcades and The Rise of a King and I'm so excited to publish the Reign of a Queen which I think is the best of all three books. However, with that said, I have gotten a few bad reviews for The Fall of Arcades to accompany the many good ones.

It was the first book in the series and I wrote it with so much passion, my beta readers loved it, my editor loved it and well...I thought the world would love it. But after some very wel…