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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A New Book is coming...SO SOOOOON!!!!!


It is done...almost. So I have a new book ready to go. It's got vampires and angels, and it's an MMF love story and you're going to want to read it over and over, cause it is loaded with STEAM and fun. 

I've been so busy and this was going to be a novella and instead is the longest book I've ever written...hahaha, go figure. 

It is the first of many in this series that will all surround Desdemona when it finally comes out, but this is going to be such a great read. 


He is an ancient vampire

She is his prey

She is his revenge

He has no mercy

Only his lover can save her because he loves her

and she is heaven

Neveah Markum is the sheltered daughter of the infamous drug lord Cameron Markum. In the years following the All Death, and the annihilation of human society, post-apocalypse sees the world split into tiny pockets of civilization trying to live as they once did. Ruling the world is a strict set of laws set down by God to govern the vampires, humans, and shifters who are left to populate a dying planet. 

On the night of the auction where Neveah's virginity and life will be given to the highest bidder, Neveah is abducted by an angry vampire king. With the intention of using her death to avenge one hundred and fifty vampires who perished drinking tainted blood Cameron Markum laced with poison, Elias Masters is as merciless as he is cruel. 

Though Neveah never begs for her own life when facing her death in the arms of the ancient vampire, she pleads for the life of her special needs brother who is trapped in the vicious world her father has fashioned. Amused, but not interested in mercy, Elias plans to take Neveah's life, however, when he tastes her blood his dark soul is immediately transported to heaven and she is spared. 

Alejandro, Elias' lover, finds Neveah naked and chained to the bed he and Elias share. He has questions, which a tenacious and brave Neveah answers still begging for her brother's life. After negotiating a strategy for Elias and the other vampires to exact the revenge they crave, the vampire king allows Neveah to live long enough to see her brother rescued and her father, and his empire destroyed. 

Once obliterated, Elias and Alejandro keep Neveah captive with the intention of using her blood as a personal ticket to heaven until they get bored and kill her. During her captivity, she enchants Alejandro who falls in love with her and challenges Elias to find his soul and the mercy he's never known. 

The Crimson Room: Heaven is an MMF bisexual dark romance, with vampires, revenge, lots of steam...and love; always love. Heaven is the first book of many and it ends on a cliffhanger...or rather something to make you crave book two. Come take this epic journey which promises to be nail-biting, pearl-clutching fun! Guaranteed.


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I'm Still Here

I'm still here! It's been a very busy year, but there is much more coming...soon. I know it's been quiet in Azriel Hope's world, but here are a few things that are on the horizon.

THE FALL OF ARCADES is being developed into a television series. 
DESDEMONA (has been waiting for her turn...) will launch before Christmas.
THE LOVELY is in the works and I've pitched it to the reality television series 

Stay tuned...the best is yet to come. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Things are exciting over here... First, I have a new pen name to play with BROOKS HALE, and a new book coming out under that pen name called MARRY ME!

Marry Me is a steamy contemporary romance where Dylan McClain, world-renown television and film bad boy, is paired with the beautiful, if not slightly tragic artist, Andromeda Devlyn on a reality television game show called Marry Me. In Marry Me, a star is partnered with an unknown fan or minor celebrity to compete in brutal challenges for the chance to have two million dollars, a real relationship, and a marriage. 

After an ex-lover pens a scathing tell-all book that destroys Dylan's career, his agent persuades Dylan to enter Marry Me as a means to rehabilitate his reputation. With the help of a friend, Dylan convinces a local artist showing her work at a lightly attended art exhibition to go on the show with him for two million dollars. Desperate for money, Andromeda, who everyone calls Andi, reluctantly agrees to do the show which would end in marriage whether she won or not.  As a means of boosting Dylan's backsliding career and abysmal reputation, Andi will have to become his wife no matter what happens in the competition, but she'll also be two million dollars richer. All she has to do is show up at the marriage house on the first day of filming.  

After grappling with herself, Andi promises to do the show. While competing, Andi and Dylan are tested to the absolute bounds of their sanity. Despite being polar opposites who almost hate one another, they become allies in grueling challenges that eventually bring them together. As an unbreakable bond forms from lust, sex, and friendship, there is only one thing that can shatter them...

When that one thing becomes 'things'...their vow to marry the world watches their every move.  

Marry Me is an exciting contemporary romance with plenty of steam, enemies to lovers, and a very hard to get to, but completely satisfying HEA. For fans of reality television shows and enemies to lovers romances, Marry Me will be a fun ride you won't want to miss. 

ALSO, DESDEMONA will be coming out soon... and I am so excited about how it has taken shape.  You will love the return to darkness, beauty, and the supernatural as Desdemona challenges what we know of God, the Devil, and our ability to love. 

And if this isn't enough, check out the 12 Movies of Christmas from GAC FAMILY :) The Christmas Star is one of them. I wrote the Christmas Star as Lorie Hope (my given name) with my writing partner Ross Mihalko....make sure you check out the tamer side of love...with The Christmas Star.

The Christmas Star

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

It's Been A Minute But I'm Still Here :)


I know it's been a while, but I am working...oh am I!

First the good news. As myself (not as Azriel Hope, but as my given name) I have a Christmas movie coming out with my writing partner Ross Mihalko!!!! 


It will be airing on December 12, 2021 

On the GAC Family Channel which just launched last month. 

GAC Family is a rebranded channel that was bought by the former head of the Hallmark Channel and it will be showing family-friendly and Christmas movies. 

I am very excited about this. Yay!!!!

Also, The Fall of Arcades is Finalist for a Raven's Award in Fantasy Romance, cross fingers there everyone :)

And lastly, Desdemona is in the final rewrite/edit stage so it will be hitting the presses soon!!!!

Also, I am writing under a new pen name as well. Though I will continue to write as Lorie Hope and Azriel Hope, I will also be writing steamy romances under my new pen name Brooks Hale, so look for fun and hot contemporary romances....soon. 

The first book under my new pen name will be MARRY ME, which will be published later this month. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Celestine 1900's Fairytale Romance Sample

CELESTINE: 1900's Fairytale Romance Sample

Adrien didn’t know why he had allowed Monsieur Kim to convince him to go to the Palais Rose. Though he considered all cabaret theaters to be distasteful, the Palais Rose was better by far than the harlot houses in the red light district and the Moulin Rouge down the street. The Palais Rose was where men of means went for a baser kind of entertainment. Monsieur Kim insisted that Adrien join him as he had visited once before and was enchanted. Knowing that his business associate, who tended to be quite melancholy, could use some light entertainment, Monsieur Kim wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Please join me. It’s all in good fun. The women are excellent dancers. Have a drink with me and stay for the show. I promise to let you leave after that. As a show of my gratitude I shall give you a deep discount on your first shipment. It will feel like you are stealing from me.” Monsieur Kim had a mesmerizing smile that moved Adrien, so against his better judgment, he agreed. 

The two men had spent the better part of the day together, first with lunch then a long walk to the Sacre Coeur for exercise and fresh air. Monsieur Kim was impressed with the gorgeous view from atop the hill. Though he hadn’t much religious context to appreciate the chapel, he did love its intricate design. Adrien’s carriage came to meet them and took the men to the Korean Pavillion to see where Monsieur Kim would be displaying his textiles. There was a shipment coming later that week. Adrien attended to some business with other vendors at the other pavilions while Monsieur Kim stayed with his countrymen until it was time for Adrien’s carriage to bring them to the theater. 

Once they were seated and the lights had dimmed Adrien began to regret his decision to join Monsieur Kim.  The opening act was a tasteless display of flesh which Adrien detested. The women in the follies all looked the same kicking their legs in the air, goofing, and pretending to bump each other over so that they were toppled to the point where their panties were on display. It was garish and laughable but Monsieur Kim was enjoying himself. The next number was a little more tasteful, yet not much. Adrien considered leaving during the intermission, when she descended from the ceiling bathed in light and glittering with its brightness. The main attraction was Celestine, the shining star...And despite his best efforts Adrien found himself breathless. 

Chapter Four

“Isn’t she delightful?” Monsieur Kim commented as Celestine floated down singing so beautifully, Adrien found himself completely entranced. 

She had a power over him like no other, not even his dear wife had made him so lusty. It had to be lust because there was no such thing as love at first sight. Love was cultivated and nurtured and it grew out of passion and commitment. Lust, on the other hand, was born out of sheer desire. Adrien tried not to fixate on Celestine’s long muscular legs or the supple slope of her ample breasts, but despite the rare beauty of her body, more than anything, her exquisite face held him transfixed. She looked like an angel. Her dark eyes sparkled in the light giving her such an otherworldly grace and allure. 

Her voice rose up through the rafters and every man in the theater was enchanted. She was their shining star, that was evident, but what of her? Adrien wondered about the woman behind the feathers and satin? Was she a scandalous nymph like her leg kicking cohorts, or was she something more rare? Adrien had to know. He hadn’t ever felt such an all consuming fire in his veins. Even when she stripped her clothes away, she disrobed with the grace of a queen. At that point she could have shot a man and Adrien would have been enamored. The show ended all too soon and Adrien found it hard to rise from his chair. 

“The owner, a Monsieur Carl Lutsen will let us meet the women if we want. Perhaps you will come with me to show our gratitude?” Monsieur Kim asked, looking just as lusty and enamored with what he’d seen as Adrien. 

Monsieur Kim was very slick. He seemed mild mannered, well traveled, and educated, but knew of the seedier side of life. When Carl Lutsen let a man meet a girl it was often for the evening and for a price, a high one, one Monsieur Kim must have already paid because within moments he had Monsieur Lutsen’s undivided attention. 

“Welcome Monsieur Louis,” the man with a broad sweaty face said with his arms wide open ready for a hug or a handshake, Monsieur Louis wasn’t sure which. “Welcome to the Palais Rose. Our friend Monsieur Kim informs me that you might want to meet and perhaps enjoy one of our beautiful ladies tonight? I know Monsieur Kim to be a very discerning guest, we welcome any acquaintance of his to our humble little theater.” Monsieur Lutsen ended up giving Adrien a firm pat on the back.

The man was as slimy as they came. 

“Thank you sir,” Adrien addressed Monsieur Lutsen with a careful turn of phrase. “The show was quite impressive, especially your lead dancer.”

“Ah yes, the beautiful Celestine. She is the very best. Only a man of the best reputation and the highest standards is fit to meet the brightest of our stars. Are you interested in negotiating a price?”

Suddenly Adrien’s stomach dropped, a courtesan then, she was just a whore like the rest. He was about to dismiss himself and offer Monsieur Kim his carriage so that he might stay, but something held him steadfast. At that moment, she walked into the room, looking more ravishing than she had on stage. She was wearing a thin dress that left little to the imagination, but hadn’t they already seen most of her? What was the point of modesty when most had already been revealed? What struck Adrien and kept him in his place was her mesmerizing smile. A decent human being was behind that expression and for some inexplicable reason that was enough for him. 

He no longer lusted for her body, as surely it had been used nightly. He didn’t need a lover feigning adoration like a pro. If he was to ever love again, it would be a woman of pure heart, one his Genevieve would have hand picked for him. Certainly no common whore would fit the bill. 

“I only want to talk with her,” Adrien held his head high. 

“And I would like to do much more than talk with one of the other ladies. I trust your judgment,” Monsieur Kim said with an air of business. “If you do not wish to stay, Monsieur Louis, I will understand. I might partake tonight, but I would gladly meet you in the next few days to solidify our trade agreements. I can hire a taxi back to the hotel.” He flashed Adrien the kindest and widest smile, not bothered in the least that he was about to solicit a whore for the evening. 

“I will not be staying, Monsieur Kim, only having the briefest conversation with Mademoiselle Celestine and then I shall be retiring to my home.”

“I understand, I’m glad you enjoyed the show.” Again Monsieur Kim’s smile was wide and kindly.

“Thank you.” Adrien nodded. 

“I think, Monsieur Kim, you already know how much an evening of indescribable pleasure will cost and may I suggest Maryanne, she’s lovely and available now,” Monsieur Lutsen said as Monsieur Kim sat on one of the lounge chairs in the lobby. 

“I shall be delighted to meet her and I’ll have another Kir Royale. Will you join me for a drink while we wait, Monsieur Louis?” Monsieur Kim kept his even composure which made the lewdness of their transactions much more pleasant. 

“I might,” Adrien said as Monsieur Lutsen pulled him into an ornate office decorated with overstuffed velvet chairs and garish paintings of scantily clad women making overtures with their bodies.

“We’ll only be a minute,” Monsieur Lutsen called over to Monsieur Kim. “Giselle, get Monsieur Kim whatever he wants from the bar,” he shouted to the woman dressed in men’s attire at the bar where several other men were seated, waiting on their selections for the evening, no doubt. 

Monsieur Lutsen then closed the door to his office and sat in one of the chairs offering the other to Monsieur Louis. 

“Have a seat and let us discuss dear Celestine.” He pulled out a well worn leather bound book. 

“I just want to have a conversation with her,” Adrien reiterated.

“Of course you do, who wouldn’t? For a conversation it will cost you one hundred francs per hour. She is assigned to the Viscount de Brunel who has an exclusive contract with her for anything other than conversation, however, his contract is due to end this week and if you are willing to offer more than he has, I could terminate his contract tonight. Before you ask, he pays the theater ten thousand francs a year for exclusive rights to Celestine. He has an annual contract, but if you were willing to increase the price, I could offer you something similar.” How dare he barter for the woman, it was disgusting.

While Adrien was happy that she hadn’t been tossed around from man to man, he knew of the Viscount and found him to be a pleasant man, if not a little overindulgent and portly, but not offensive by any means. Adrien himself had had a lover in his wife, he couldn’t fault Celestine for having one. 

“Has she not been sold many times over?” Adrien hardly could believe himself asking such a question as if he were seriously considering making an offer.

“She has been sold only a few times. She is quite a treasure, before the Viscount there was another man who had her for a time, but he married as the Viscount will soon marry. She will be free for another long term contract and I intend on making a sale of her, because in Celestine’s case, she is better savored. I don’t want her passed around town, she is special and so will only be with men who I deem special enough for her.” His face curled into a haughty expression of pride.

“You mean men who will pay you enough for her, since she is more beautiful than all the other women in the theater and perhaps Paris. Don’t think I don’t understand your game.” Adrien’s face curled into a scowl. 

“Well then you’ll know how precious she is; what a treasure she will be for anyone who buys her.” Monsieur Lutsen again seemed sanctimonious.

“Why does she allow you to do this? Does she enjoy whoring?” Adrien regretted saying it as soon as the words left him.

“She’s my daughter frankly, so she will enjoy whatever I tell her to enjoy, but you’ll find her bright spirited and lovely. She’s been educated and is remarkable at all she endeavors to do. She’s not a tired overworked whore who’s spread her legs so many times she can’t close them, that’s guaranteed. So have we a deal?” Finally the lecherous look of greed overtook his features. 

“Yes, I’ll pay one hundred francs for an hour of her time. As I’ve said, I’m only interested in conversation.” 

One could almost taste Monsieur Lutsent’s anger in the air as the temperature rose.

“She’s only on offer tonight, after tomorrow night’s performance I will approach another man of means for her sale,” Monsieur Lutsen spit out.

“I wish you luck with that.” Adrien rose and tipped his hat, almost sure he no longer wanted to speak with the woman and then he saw her standing next to Monsieur Kim and his heart melted.

The stunning silk dress she wore left little to the imagination. She must not have been wearing undergarments as her soft breasts were perfectly outlined and her hardened nipples poked out obscenely and yet she looked effortlessly sumptuous as if she stood there naked, but was no more licentious than Bottecilli’s Birth of Venus.

Monsieur Lutsen came up behind Adrien and put his hand on his shoulder. “I’ll take a check or cash, Monsieur Louis.” 

Without saying a word, Adrien pulled one hundred francs from his pocket and handed the money to Monsieur Lutsen who went back into his office and made a notation in his book and put the money into his own pocket before walking out into the lobby. A pretty woman approached Monsieur Kim as he finished his drink and Monsieur Lutsen pulled Celestine toward Adrien, gently, but with enough force that she had no choice but to follow his lead. 

“My dear, let me introduce you to Monsieur Louis, he’d like a word with you. I’ve told all the other men this evening that you are engaged, so I suggest you take Monsieur Louis to one of the parlour rooms and leave the door open so that Madame Listere can check on you from time to time.” He spoke to her with a sick glint in his eyes, knowing what money she made for him with a veiled threat that she should increase the time and money Monsieur Louis would be spending. 

“Yes, Monsieur.” She nodded her head and turned to Adrien. “It’s so very nice to meet you Monsieur Louis, if you will follow me this way, I’d love to sit and talk,” she said.

 The lilt of her voice was intoxicating.

“Enjoy your evening,” Monsieur Kim broke from his lady to say.

“And you enjoy yours,” Adrien added, doing his best to be cordial under the circumstances. 

Celestine brought Adrien into a nicely appointed parlor room with a small bar, two comfortable chairs, and a table. 

“May I get you something to drink?” Celestine asked in the angelic way she spoke. 

“I’ll have vodka and soda and you?” Adrien tested her to see if she was debased in all manner of living.

“Oh Monsieur I only drink wine on occasion and this isn’t that occasion. I want to enjoy our conversation. I will have your drink ready in just a moment. So,” she effortlessly segued. “Did you enjoy the show? I don’t believe I’ve seen you here before.” Her graceful hands pulled a chilled glass from a small icebox below the bar and generously poured vodka with a splash of soda and a twist of lime. 

“It was entertaining as these shows are,” Adrien said as she returned and handed him the glass. 

“Yes, they’re meant to be a joyful diversion. I hope, if anything, we were able to take your mind off of your troubles.” She sat across from Adrien and neatly crossed one leg over the other, revealing the bare strip of thigh as the slitted fabric fell away. 

“Who’s to say I have them?” Adrien felt angry and argumentative.

“You have sad eyes Monsieur Louis, as if the sadness runs deep within your soul. Has it been long since your wife passed?” How could she know?

“How dare you assume!” Adrien lurched forward wanting to end their conversation when she gently touched his knee. 

“You’re wearing a wedding ring, which you’ve been swirling in your fingers. Your lips are tight like you’re holding anger back. If you were cheating on your wife, you’d be pushing the boundaries of conversation, trying to get more for the hour you’ve paid. Instead you are quiet, angry and aloof. Either your wife has died or left you, but since you have a gentle handsome face, I assumed the latter. I’m sorry if I’m being presumptuous, but courtesans are paid to speak words that are never spoken. You’re safe here, you can talk to me.” She rubbed her hand over Adrien’s knee then patted it. “I won’t stand on pretense and I won’t betray your trust. Whatever is spoken in this room stays here.” Her smile was effortlessly beautiful.

“Genevieve,” Adrien took a sip of his drink for fortification. “Died nearly four years ago. There is not a day that passes when I’m not consumed with thoughts of her. I often consider ending my life, but haven’t the will. I don’t know why I paid such an exorbitant price for just an hour’s conversation with you, but I was drawn in, as most men must be, to your charms,” Adrien said by way of confession. 

“I haven’t charms, more than just a kind heart, Monsieur Louis, even a courtesan can have one of those. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your wife, she must have been remarkable indeed if after four years you still contemplate joining her in heaven. I’m glad you’re still here.” She flashed him her gorgeous smile. “There must be some reason why you’ve kept yourself alive. Perhaps she wants you to find love again, if not love, then maybe life?” 

“I can’t think of anything that might bring me joy. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve seen many places. I must admit you’re the first woman I’ve bought, but I can’t imagine buying a woman would bring me the happiness I seek.” Adrien seemed even more forlorn than when he came in. 

“Well, I agree. Men who buy women, apart from you, you were drawn to me and curious, but for most, they want a woman’s attention and love, however it comes. It makes them feel good. Some men just enjoy the physical experiences, for others it’s an emotional fantasy. I can assume neither of those pleasures would bring a man like you much joy. Perhaps, though, a companion, someone to share adventures with might be more to your liking.” She seemed to be musing, but Adrien jumped to conclusions.

“Are you trying for a bigger sale Mademoiselle Celestine? I promise you, I’ll only be paying for the hour and just for tonight.” Again, Adrien was angry. 

Celestine sighed, “I don’t think anything I say will sway you. I’m only trying to be helpful, but you don’t know me well enough to understand that. It’s just you seem too young to be so despondent and I’m sorry for that. Someone else will sit in that chair tomorrow and then again someone else the next day. That chair will never be empty Monsieur Louis. I need not beg you to stay. And to be honest, I’d rather no one sit there, the thought of having a night free to do as I pleased would be a luxury I’m never afforded. I love the show and performing, but I’m not allowed to just walk along a river bank or sit in a cafe and savor a nice espresso blending in, being one of the many. I know you have too many days doing such things, but for me, just having one would be a dream come true.” Her wistful smile wiped away quickly. “But you aren’t here to talk about me. Tell me about your dear wife. I want to know all about her.”

Chapter Five

They sat and talked for the hour. Adrien did tell Celestine all about Genevieve and it felt good to relive his memories with someone who truly seemed to care. At the end of the hour Adrien didn’t mind if she was an expert listener paid to placate a man’s woes, she had brightened his dim life and for that he was grateful. 

“This was unexpected,” Adrien said standing when their conversation was over.

“I’m curious, Monsieur Louis, what did you expect?” She continued to smile with attentive devotion.  

“I guess I thought you’d spend the hour tempting me, or arousing me in some way.” As soon as Adrien said it, he knew he had revealed his ignorance in such matters. 

“I’m glad we spoke of your lovely wife, she seems like a remarkable person. I feel as if I know her just a little and so our time has brought me joy. I’m sorry you’ve lost her, but you have such wonderful memories. Cherish those.” She took his hand and squeezed it. 

“Mademoiselle Celestine?” Adrien turned to her to ask. “Do you have any such memories?” He wasn’t sure why he wanted her answer, but somehow he had to know.

“None so beautiful as yours and as a courtesan, I’ll perhaps never have them, so if I want a memory of something sweet and loving, I’ll think of the two of you.” There was a glimmer in her eye, a hint of something deeper, some inner sadness she banished. “Good night, Monsieur, Madame Listere is here to see you out.” With that Celestine closed the door.

Adrien thought of Celestine for the entire ride home. He still felt the tingles of delight he’d enjoyed, while in her presence, when he walked into his dreary house. Pascale was standing ready for instruction and it filled him with the same old sense of dread, as darkness claimed his senses once more. He knew he smelled of perfume and decadence, but what would his valet care? He’d been a constant in Adrien’s life, he knew him to be a man of honor. Adrien gave Pascale a curt nod and spoke in a clipped tone.

“I’m going to retire, Pascale, you do the same,” he said as he mounted the stairs.

“Yes, Master,” Pascale blew out the lamps and the townhouse went dark.  

When Adrien entered his bedroom, he was met with the same cold chill; the empty space absent Genevieve, and all of the pain returned. One thought remained, however, of his evening with Celestine. It haunted him, calling him out. 

If I want a memory of something sweet and loving, I’ll think of the two of you.”

The sad call of a courtesan who would never be allowed to love. Here he was missing the times when he was happier and she would never be allowed them. Something about that felt wrong and so instead of cold hatred and a constricting heart, that often were his bedmates, he thought of the lovely Celestine, and dreamed of giving her memories she could cherish. 


They had not heard a word from the mysterious Monsieur Louis, but he hadn’t been home all day. Charlotte and Camille stared out the window as long as they could, fighting sleep, to witness his return and yet, neither was awake to see Adrien come home past two in the morning with a lighter gait. Each dreamed of marrying the mysterious man of wealth, and both tossed and turned that night with thoughts of what he might do with them. 


Celestine had been mesmerized by the handsome and beguiling Monsieur Louis. She wished that their time could have been longer, though she knew Carl had made the poor man pay an exorbitant price for just one single hour. The Monsieur would hardly consider a conversation worth his money next time and so she held onto the memory of the sweet conversation they shared, and was trying to keep her mind off Monsieur Louis, when Carl came crashing through her bedroom door. 

“You are quite the prize tonight, Celestine,” he slurred, drunk again. 

He probably spent part of her earnings to get himself wasted on the good brandy. 

“How say you?” Celestine wasn’t in the mood for his antics as she began to unpin her long hair which was no longer blond as it had been in her youth, but a golden brown. 

“The Viscount is here for you again and he’s come to spend the whole night.” The satisfied grin on Carl’s face brought her spirits crashing down.

“Why? It’s not his usual routine,” she said softly.

“You’re a whore, you don’t ask why, you just lay down for the man. He’ll be up in a minute. Wash that makeup off of your face. You know how he hates it.” 

Suddenly all of the happiness Celestine had recently acquired dulled. She did as she was told and washed her face and took a bath, as the Viscount liked when she was fresh and bathed. She left her hair loose and wore a light night gown with nothing underneath, another of his preferences. Within an hour she was dressed and ready for him. Carl didn’t mind if she made the Viscount wait as it always added to his anticipation of her. 

She went to the salon they often shared, and made sure there were fresh glasses and full bottles of liquor ready to offer him. He bounded in moments later. 

“Celestine, my dear.” He had been drinking and the smell of alcohol permeated the room.

He was wearing a tuxedo and was well coiffed, perhaps he’d been to the opera?

“To what do I owe this great honor, Viscount?” She took his hand and led him into the room. 

It was already past two in the morning, he’d never come to call so late. 

“She’s coming sooner than expected. I got a telegram, she’s on tomorrow’s train. I’m not ready.” He tripped behind her into the room. “What if she doesn’t like me?” 

His insecurities were in full bloom. 

“She’ll love you because you are her betrothed, just be as kind and caring as you are to me and she’ll fall madly in love with you.”

“You have to work with me again, it’s our last night, after this night she can’t know that I’m whoring around.” That stung.

“I hardly think that having one courtesan is considered whoring around, but I understand she’s from conservative society, she won’t comprehend what you and I have been doing. So shall we have you seduce me and see how well you do?” Celestine put a bright smile on her face though her heart wasn’t as in it as it had been in the past.

While she had no great love for the Viscount, the fact that his contract would be abruptly ended made her nervous. Carl would be ravenous for a new patron. He’d sell her to whomever was the highest bidder, no matter their disposition. She decided to put it out of her mind, and just focus on the task at hand. 

“Yes, I think that best. I only have twenty-fours hours left. I’ll quit you just before she comes,” he said slurring.

“Of course.” Celestine closed the door behind them.  With the Viscount so drunk she wasn’t sure he’d last long. “What would you like me to do?” 

“For the night you’ll be my wife and I, your husband and master.” Oh the poor dear who was about to marry him, no one wanted to have a husband and master, and yet it wasn’t rare for a man of the Viscount’s status to think himself master of all in his world. 

“How shall I address you?” She was ready to lose herself to the fantasy he wanted her to indulge in as it always served her to pretend she was someone else. 

“Call me Husband, of course,” the Viscount bristled. 

“Then Husband it is. Shall I make you a drink Husband?” she asked yet he was upon her faster than she thought he could move. 

“I’ve had enough to drink.” He breathed in her face, and she could attest to that fact, he’d had plenty, anymore and he’d be sick.  “I want you, dear Wife.” His hands harshly squeezed her breasts, yanking and pulling at them to the point that it was painful. 

He hadn’t been so callous before. 

“Well, dear Husband. Am I not a maid?” She put her hands up to his to slow his assault. 

“The most precious of maids,” he slobbered in her ear. 

“Then gentle hands and caresses will help me enjoy you so much more.” She rubbed her hand along his arm to tame him. 

He eased up on her a little. “Of course, I’m just so eager to enjoy you, my dearest, and share our first night together.” He started his rough fondling again and so Celestine turned out of his embrace. “I don’t know what to do, you’ll have to show me, Husband.” 

He followed Celestine and leaned in to kiss her with an open mouth and loose slobbering tongue. Celestine did her best to brave it and realized that until he fell asleep, he’d be a useless brute. His drunkenness and nerves over meeting his betrothed had divorced him from his senses. She brought her hand down between his legs and worked on the little nob forming there. He thrust into her hand and was soon at his trousers yanking and pulling the buttons until he had freed himself. 

“Take it into your mouth,” he ordered and Celestine frowned.


Monday, February 8, 2021

Celestine is HERE!!!!!!


CELESTINE is now available on Amazon

Enjoy this fun historical romance story of love, loss, and healing...

I love writing to music as readers of this blog know, so here is the music for Celestine :)

One Word  - Anouk

Come What May - Moulin Rouge

Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

Monday, February 1, 2021



In just a few more days CELESTINE will hit the Kindle shelves :) 

A 1900's Parisian Fairytale Romance about the Courtesan who came to Christmas Dinner. Celestine is a rags to riches love story that will take your heart on an arduous journey from heartbreak to whatever lies beyond.

Inspired by the Moulin Rouge and Bridgeton, Celestine will take you behind the curtains of the famed Palais Rose to meet its shining star, the most coveted courtesan in all of Paris. 

Adrien Louis is a rich merchant successful in international trading who is in Paris for the World's Fair. With business to attend, he shuts himself away in his cold and forgotten townhouse, left empty after the death of his wife and infant son four years prior.  

Ravenously curious sisters who reside across the street notice the arrival of the dashing Monsieur Louis and each plot to entrap him in marriage. Both lonely and unattended by their neglectful and business-minded father who has no interest in securing them matches, they dream of the day when Monsieur Louis will sweep one of them away. 

Lost to his melancholy and ready to be rid of the world, Monsieur Louis joins a business associate at the Palais Rose to appease his client's interest. There Adrien sees the stunning Celestine and despite his dark mood, finds himself drawn to her.  After paying for an hour's conversation with the bright spirited Celestine, Adrien decides to bring her as his companion to a Christmas Feast his neighbors have insisted he attend. When Adrien realizes how hungry Monsieur Baudelaire's two daughters are to make a match with him, he hires Celestine as a means to thwart them. What he hasn't bargained for is that the beautiful Celestine might just capture his cold heart if only he'd let her in...which he vows to never do. 

Celestine is a lightly steamy stand-alone historical romance that will have you clutching your pearls...

Monday, January 18, 2021

Where is Desdemona? And all the books and things....

 If any of you are asking it's a fair question, what happened to Desdemona? Well, it's alive and well and going through a rewrite :) my amazing partner in crime found a few tweaks that needed to be made and they are being made so that the book is all that much more enjoyable. In the meantime, I have written a holiday-themed historical book that should be a lot of fun. 

CELESTINE: is set in 1900's Paris and is sort of Bridgeton meets Moulin Rouge, minus the singing dwarf and all of the stately balls...

The story follows Celestine a Moroccan/Swedish lead dancer at the Palais Rose whose father, the owner of the theater, has made her their most expensive courtesan. The sweet-tempered Celestine brings love to all who pay for her services and is content but not happy with her fate. 

Visiting the theater one night is the despondent Monsieur Adrien Louis, an international businessman and morose widower who pines for his lost wife and son. Without much hope for the future, Adrien contemplates ending his life. Being encouraged by a business associate to join him at the Palais Rose, Adrien reluctantly goes only to be enchanted by the show's star; Celestine. 

Celestine upheaves his world so completely he buys her contract from the Palais Rose and enters an agreement with her that she might only provide him company. He has no interest in having sex with a woman who has been paid and used by so many other men. 

Celestine agrees to the contract and her first act of companionship is to attend a Christmas Feast at the home of Adrien's neighbor, which quickly turns savage as Celestine's identity is discovered by a lecherous patron.

More committed to helping Celestine, Adrien whisks her away from the theater and from there, a tenuous relationship is born as Celestine discovers her true talent is in writing the ultimate love story, one that tells of the love between Adrien and his lost wife in the wilds of India...

Will their care for one another ever become something more? Will Adrien allow himself to love the whore who came to Christmas?

You'll have to just read...Celestine :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

DESDEMONA IS DONE!!!!!! Mostly....Yep.

The artist who I've lifted Lord Jehovah Adonai and Luca (Lucifer) from just finished this piece! 

Are you serious? That's them, God and the Devil...hahaha.

Well, Desdemona is off to the editor/beta reader, a sane person who will tell me whether I've gone completely off the rails or not. After she gives me her sage advice, I will do a final edit and Desdemona will be here. 

It turned out to be less of a romance and more of a dystopian fairytale which I absolutely love. It's rich and thought-provoking and very black lives matter...Feminist...And loving. I am surprised by it and entertained. It's not as dark as the fallen angel series and not as fun as the Solitary King, but it's rich and textured and very darkly fairy-taled....I love it. :) Coming SOOOON!!!!!!!!! Almost there.

Next up Celestine A Moulin Rouge inspired Christmas excited.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

10K more words and the first draft of Desdemona is done! And... The Solitary King ALMOST makes it to the top 100 list. Wow, let's get it there!!!!!!

 Desdemona is ALMOST DONE. 

Well, the first draft is almost done. I still have to rewrite it a couple of times, which won't take too long :) And I love it...but it's weird and sexy, but not AS SEXY as other things I've written which I also love.

I'm not yet sure how it ends, but I'm excited to see!

This artist on Deviant ( has the best characters which are characters they use in their own work but resemble Luca and Navareen (The Devil and God) best so I'm gonna throw a few of those up there and some new characters who just popped onto the page...hello...I mean really, "hi" and as always music.

 Luca (Lucifer)

Lord Jehovah Navareen



Desdemona and Luca

Brogen the Alpha Wolf 

Kima, the Alpha Wolf Mate

Lord Jehovah Navareen and Luca 

Mikael the Vampire King of New York

New York After the Meteor


These are songs I've been listening to, to inspire the story. 

I don't want to give too much away, but these are teasers

Lay all Your Love On Me 

Cody Frost



This is so good and reminds me of the characters

Frozen/ Like a Prayer 



Show the SOLITARY KING some love. For the first time in my life, being Azriel Hope (I've done it for my boss many many times)

I am ALMOST on a best seller list. We can make this happen...cause it's almost there. So if you liked The Solitary King, tell your friends and spread the word. 

A New Book is coming...SO SOOOOON!!!!!

  It is done...almost. So I have a new book ready to go. It's got vampires and angels, and it's an MMF love story and you're goi...