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Monday, March 23, 2020

So what now? In the time of THE VIRUS!!!!!

Now that the Reign of a Queen is out there what next....well hopefully lots of people will read the trilogy and yes...eventually THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!! From the world of the Gods of Estancia, the fairy realms and other lands, we will see more of Rayelynn and Farrow...and their families, but they will not be the focus of the next set of books. The next trilogy will focus on a different part of eternity and will follow other characters. Most likely the children, the gods, and other uncharted worlds as the Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series followed fallen angels and fairies, this would focus on the gods and other beings. BUT...that series isn't coming for a while. Just know it is coming eventually. :)

There will be a stand-alone first, Desdemona which is an apocalyptic retelling of Adam and Eve sort will be a contemporary fairytale and should be a fun stand-alone to sink into. Then perhaps one more stand-alone and back into the world of Eternity. :) Just for those who want a heads up.

As I write so much for my boss and now I will have another writing venture soon...I want to keep things fun and diverse, but we will go back home to Estancia and Eternity by the end of this year or the beginning of next year depending on how my writing goes...

So if you loved the Immortal Romance'll definitely be getting more eventually.  Since I thought the first trilogy ended perfectly, I wanted to take a break from it and get some space to allow the other characters to grow and to be able to tell their unique stories when the times comes. Until then there will be other great characters and stories to enjoy.

As we are all stuck home writing, reading and living through this virus, stay happy, safe and well. Let stories fill your mind and world to take you away from things that are less pleasant and adventurous. I am so grateful to be a writer so that I can take you and me to amazing places....enjoy what is to come... a new world awaits us!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


ONE MORE DAY until Reign of a Queen is HERE!!!!!






Rayelynn and Farrow

Farrow and Farren

Farrow and Raven

Drayden and Rayelynn

Farrow and Rayelynn

(excerpt from the Reign of a Queen)

We woke under the purple Alluvium sky. Our tour had been horrific. In Vitreous they hated me and sacrificed a beautiful young Fae so that Artemis might come down and smite Rayelynn for loving me. At every turn, we found loathing and disdain. No one told the kingdoms we were coming, and with no means to let them all know, Rayelynn and I shocked and surprised each monarch we visited. At first, we thought Alluvium would be different, but as we slept in our guest room on our first night, we heard the patter of feet and the shouts of war. I couldn’t believe the king had allowed his people to attack us. Rayelynn was a goddess…

We were surrounded by warriors with firebombs who threw them into our chamber. Fire engulfed our room, but we were both able to fly out a window and make our escape. Immediately, we barged into the king’s private quarters.

“How dare you set your troops upon us,” Rayelynn admonished the king.

“I did no such thing,” the king in his nightwear protested. “Get out of my room!”

“I am a goddess,” she countered. “I can be where I please. Call off your army, now! I’ll wait.”

She sat in a high-backed chair, looking perfectly regal. I took my place standing beside her, glowing with pride.

“Not until you take this abomination from my eyes.” He looked to me and hatred seared my flesh.

“The only abomination in this room is you.” Rayelynn’s voice remained calm. “I’ve told you that the Arcades have been emancipated from the darkness. The fallen angels serve the gods of Estancia as protectors and wardens. You will call off your troops and will no longer insult my mate. If you want the gods of Estancia to continue to care about the citizens of Alluvium, you’ll heed my warning.” She stood up to leave the king. “We will stay until I am satisfied that there is no threat to the Arcades from Alluvium.”

“Bring back those who the Arcadians have abducted, and I’ll consider holding my warriors back.” The king’s threats only made Rayelynn more angry.

“Name them, name each and every Alluvium you want returned, and I will offer whatever Alluvian fairy still residing in the Arcades an opportunity to repatriate.”

The king scoffed. “I haven’t their names. They were but lowly beings, nothings,” he laughed.

“If they weren’t precious to you, why avenge them?” Rayelynn’s voice slid over her words.

“The Arcadians have to be stopped,” was his self-righteous grumble.

“And they have been, thanks to the hard work of their former king who now stands at my side. I guarantee you, trespass against him or his kind without warrant, and you will suffer their justice.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Why? And it's DONE!!!!

I'm sitting here taking a day before I begin a bunch of other projects...just reflecting. I am thrilled that The Fallen Angel Immortal Romance story has now been TOLD :) and soon you will read it all. :) 

I am Azriel Hope and that is a part of my name :) but I have a name I use every day. I have a traditionally published young adult novel series that will be here in a billion years :) but I didn't want kids getting a hold of my Azriel Hope books so I separated my name to make sure they didn't read them one day. I am also a best-selling novelist for contemporary romances under a pen name I ghostwrite for my boss. Sadly I can't say who I am :( I am also waiting to hear if a television movie I wrote with a friend will get a green-light. We are really close :)

There will be more books by Azriel Hope, in fact, the next book, a stand-alone, is in the works. It has been outlined and I'm getting ready to tease you about it :)

But before I put the Fall of Arcades series to rest (until other stuff happens to it...more on that later after it happens.)  I wanted to share WHY! This series and this story....

I started these books a year ago. A little over a year ago my dear, amazing, loving, almost damn near perfect mother was murdered. I was the one to find her...and I can't say any more about it because of the trial and lawsuits and horrible stuff. 

It was sudden, unexpected and brutal. Nobody should die the way she did, especially someone so beautiful. 

I didn't know where to put my thoughts, so The Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series was born. It was a way to sift through the pain without sifting through the pain. 

Also... it was a coming out of sorts. It is the first book I've written that is published, the YA novel also has sexually fluid characters :) but as I said it's a hundred years away from being published, that speaks to fluidity in sexuality. Growing up I never had a book to read that reflected anything that my relationships looked like..and they still don't really look like them. So I gave the world something I needed growing up, a place to see the love I gave and received ... So much was caught up in not being able to be...and so I hope this romance series gives people a chance to see love as it can be, simply love with all of its complications, turmoil, and passion.

And so now it's done. I feel proud this story is out. Is it my tour de force?...maybe not, but it sure was fun :) I hope it was fun for you too. 

Next up...Desdemona! A contemporary dystopian fantasy....and (shhh a retelling of Adam and Eve..ish). 

JUST ONE MORE WEEK and THE REIGN OF A QUEEN will be here and trust is worth the wait. I'm still spinning and buzzing from the story...and I wrote it :)

Monday, March 2, 2020

EPIC!!!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!!!! The Reign of a Queen

MARCH. 11. 2020

We are nine days away from Reign of a Queen and let me tell you this last book in the Fallen Angel Immortal Romance EPIC!!!!!

Here are some pictures, lifted from the give you a hint at the story. (all completely stolen from the internet) ...I don't see my characters as having such severely pointed ears though...:)

SPOILER!!! There is one scene that I have written that makes me cry...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (Even doing mundane things like editing...I cry) so yah, there's that.

Farrow and Rayelyyn

Farrow and his daughter Raven

Farrow's journey....

Naida and Anastasia

Drayden and the ultimate darkness....

Martu Mara

Drayden and Rayelynn

Drayden and Baltane

Farrow and Rayelynn

So....there you have it, just a snippet of stolen pictures from the internet that gives a glimpse of some of the story...

and NINE MORE DAYS..........


  I DID IT!!!!!! Almost a year in the making and the story I thought would be a fast fun novella is now an EPIC DARK FANTASY ROMANCE that is...