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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

DESDEMONA IS DONE!!!!!! Mostly....Yep.

The artist who I've lifted Lord Jehovah Adonai and Luca (Lucifer) from just finished this piece! 

Are you serious? That's them, God and the Devil...hahaha.

Well, Desdemona is off to the editor/beta reader, a sane person who will tell me whether I've gone completely off the rails or not. After she gives me her sage advice, I will do a final edit and Desdemona will be here. 

It turned out to be less of a romance and more of a dystopian fairytale which I absolutely love. It's rich and thought-provoking and very black lives matter...Feminist...And loving. I am surprised by it and entertained. It's not as dark as the fallen angel series and not as fun as the Solitary King, but it's rich and textured and very darkly fairy-taled....I love it. :) Coming SOOOON!!!!!!!!! Almost there.

Next up Celestine A Moulin Rouge inspired Christmas excited.


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