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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A New Book is coming...SO SOOOOON!!!!!


It is done...almost. So I have a new book ready to go. It's got vampires and angels, and it's an MMF love story and you're going to want to read it over and over, cause it is loaded with STEAM and fun. 

I've been so busy and this was going to be a novella and instead is the longest book I've ever written...hahaha, go figure. 

It is the first of many in this series that will all surround Desdemona when it finally comes out, but this is going to be such a great read. 


He is an ancient vampire

She is his prey

She is his revenge

He has no mercy

Only his lover can save her because he loves her

and she is heaven

Neveah Markum is the sheltered daughter of the infamous drug lord Cameron Markum. In the years following the All Death, and the annihilation of human society, post-apocalypse sees the world split into tiny pockets of civilization trying to live as they once did. Ruling the world is a strict set of laws set down by God to govern the vampires, humans, and shifters who are left to populate a dying planet. 

On the night of the auction where Neveah's virginity and life will be given to the highest bidder, Neveah is abducted by an angry vampire king. With the intention of using her death to avenge one hundred and fifty vampires who perished drinking tainted blood Cameron Markum laced with poison, Elias Masters is as merciless as he is cruel. 

Though Neveah never begs for her own life when facing her death in the arms of the ancient vampire, she pleads for the life of her special needs brother who is trapped in the vicious world her father has fashioned. Amused, but not interested in mercy, Elias plans to take Neveah's life, however, when he tastes her blood his dark soul is immediately transported to heaven and she is spared. 

Alejandro, Elias' lover, finds Neveah naked and chained to the bed he and Elias share. He has questions, which a tenacious and brave Neveah answers still begging for her brother's life. After negotiating a strategy for Elias and the other vampires to exact the revenge they crave, the vampire king allows Neveah to live long enough to see her brother rescued and her father, and his empire destroyed. 

Once obliterated, Elias and Alejandro keep Neveah captive with the intention of using her blood as a personal ticket to heaven until they get bored and kill her. During her captivity, she enchants Alejandro who falls in love with her and challenges Elias to find his soul and the mercy he's never known. 

The Crimson Room: Heaven is an MMF bisexual dark romance, with vampires, revenge, lots of steam...and love; always love. Heaven is the first book of many and it ends on a cliffhanger...or rather something to make you crave book two. Come take this epic journey which promises to be nail-biting, pearl-clutching fun! Guaranteed.



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