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Monday, December 30, 2019

The Fall of Arcades is Free for a Few Days

The Fall of Arcades is free for a few days on Amazon...grab it up before it's gone. Woo hoo. From 12/30 to 1/2

And in other news The Reign of the Queen is almost done :) and boy it is a doozy of an end to this trilogy.  Here is some teaser concept art to make you go hmmmmm... (all images totally just lifted from the internet. I'll commission the illustrator I work with for images for the book or further work) of her pictures is here :)

WARNING: Little itsy bitsy spoilers ahead....nothing that will change the journey only a nugget to make you wonder...

Someone might end up in Martu Mara!

and spoiler...

Rayelynn finally meets her real father and brother

and becomes a powerful Queen, Goddess, and Mother.

and Farrow a good father...

But at what cost?

That's all for now...The Reign of a Queen is coming soon.

A New Book is coming...SO SOOOOON!!!!!

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