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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Things are exciting over here... First, I have a new pen name to play with BROOKS HALE, and a new book coming out under that pen name called MARRY ME!

Marry Me is a steamy contemporary romance where Dylan McClain, world-renown television and film bad boy, is paired with the beautiful, if not slightly tragic artist, Andromeda Devlyn on a reality television game show called Marry Me. In Marry Me, a star is partnered with an unknown fan or minor celebrity to compete in brutal challenges for the chance to have two million dollars, a real relationship, and a marriage. 

After an ex-lover pens a scathing tell-all book that destroys Dylan's career, his agent persuades Dylan to enter Marry Me as a means to rehabilitate his reputation. With the help of a friend, Dylan convinces a local artist showing her work at a lightly attended art exhibition to go on the show with him for two million dollars. Desperate for money, Andromeda, who everyone calls Andi, reluctantly agrees to do the show which would end in marriage whether she won or not.  As a means of boosting Dylan's backsliding career and abysmal reputation, Andi will have to become his wife no matter what happens in the competition, but she'll also be two million dollars richer. All she has to do is show up at the marriage house on the first day of filming.  

After grappling with herself, Andi promises to do the show. While competing, Andi and Dylan are tested to the absolute bounds of their sanity. Despite being polar opposites who almost hate one another, they become allies in grueling challenges that eventually bring them together. As an unbreakable bond forms from lust, sex, and friendship, there is only one thing that can shatter them...

When that one thing becomes 'things'...their vow to marry the world watches their every move.  

Marry Me is an exciting contemporary romance with plenty of steam, enemies to lovers, and a very hard to get to, but completely satisfying HEA. For fans of reality television shows and enemies to lovers romances, Marry Me will be a fun ride you won't want to miss. 

ALSO, DESDEMONA will be coming out soon... and I am so excited about how it has taken shape.  You will love the return to darkness, beauty, and the supernatural as Desdemona challenges what we know of God, the Devil, and our ability to love. 

And if this isn't enough, check out the 12 Movies of Christmas from GAC FAMILY :) The Christmas Star is one of them. I wrote the Christmas Star as Lorie Hope (my given name) with my writing partner Ross Mihalko....make sure you check out the tamer side of love...with The Christmas Star.

The Christmas Star

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

It's Been A Minute But I'm Still Here :)


I know it's been a while, but I am working...oh am I!

First the good news. As myself (not as Azriel Hope, but as my given name) I have a Christmas movie coming out with my writing partner Ross Mihalko!!!! 


It will be airing on December 12, 2021 

On the GAC Family Channel which just launched last month. 

GAC Family is a rebranded channel that was bought by the former head of the Hallmark Channel and it will be showing family-friendly and Christmas movies. 

I am very excited about this. Yay!!!!

Also, The Fall of Arcades is Finalist for a Raven's Award in Fantasy Romance, cross fingers there everyone :)

And lastly, Desdemona is in the final rewrite/edit stage so it will be hitting the presses soon!!!!

Also, I am writing under a new pen name as well. Though I will continue to write as Lorie Hope and Azriel Hope, I will also be writing steamy romances under my new pen name Brooks Hale, so look for fun and hot contemporary romances....soon. 

The first book under my new pen name will be MARRY ME, which will be published later this month. 

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