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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Calling all Beta Readers

Looking for Beta Readers :)
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This has been through a developmental edit and is in the final stages before publishing. 
I would love beta feedback by the middle to end of July. 150K words, but so much fun...lots of spice, lots of drama...and a great villain. 


Neveah Markum enters the ballroom wearing a nearly translucent dress reluctantly ready to submit to the highest bidder in her drug lord father's auction for her virginity and hand in marriage.

During what Neveah hopes is a rescue attempt by her maid to steal her away from the worst day of her life, Neveah jumps out of a moving vehicle when she realizes that she's being kidnapped by vampires.

Elias Masters, the King of New York Vampires post apocalypse 2535, sits with Neveah Markum who is dazed and barely healed from her suicide attempt. He is ready to give her the bite that will end her life. Elias must deliver Neveah's corpse to her father's compound by sunrise as payback for poisoning the humans who were served at his millennium birthday celebration, which killed 132 high ranking vampires.

Despite Elias' unexpected attraction to Neveah, as he's never found women attractive, he bites Neveah in a brutal attempt to end her life. After delivering a fatal wound, her blood enchants him. Elias wants to know more about the beguiling woman, so he heals her bite wound enough for her to survive as Neveah's blood takes him to Heaven.

Elias’ soul is transported to Heaven, a world forever forbidden to him, and decides to keep Neveah prisoner. Alejandro, his lover of one hundred years, convinces Elias that the beguiling beauty and virtuoso cellist is worth saving, and Elias starts to see her value. Together the three of them embark on a journey of danger, infatuation, and challenge that will test the strength of their spirits and the depths of their souls.

Blood and Heaven is a steamy MMF dark apocalyptic fantasy romance, with swords crossed, blood, and danger. 





Attempted murder



Cancer (off page)

Child abuse (off page)



Emotional abuse


Immolation (off page)


Non traditional view of traditionally Christian characters (God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene) 

Physical abuse






Satan/The Devil

Sexual assault (off page)

Sexually explicit scenes (MMF, MM and MF)

Terminal illness (off page)


BLOOD AND HEAVEN: The Realms of Eschaton Book 1!!!! It's Done Folks, just a wee bit more to go


This book y'all!!!!! It is finally done. 

This has taken blood sweat and tears to finish with my amazing editor Dawn Hughes. I am so proud of us and this beautiful story which is gonna shiver you to the bone. 

I NEED BETA READERS so reach out here or

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Let me know if you'd like a super snazzy clean copy with no little typos or edits...or you want a rough and raw copy with little imperfections. The pretty one you can have mid July, the rough and dirty one you can have now, your pick. 

Cheers. Let's have some fun. 

Calling all Beta Readers

Looking for Beta Readers :) Please fill out this form This has been through a developmental edit and is ...