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Saturday, October 24, 2020

10K more words and the first draft of Desdemona is done! And... The Solitary King ALMOST makes it to the top 100 list. Wow, let's get it there!!!!!!

 Desdemona is ALMOST DONE. 

Well, the first draft is almost done. I still have to rewrite it a couple of times, which won't take too long :) And I love it...but it's weird and sexy, but not AS SEXY as other things I've written which I also love.

I'm not yet sure how it ends, but I'm excited to see!

This artist on Deviant ( has the best characters which are characters they use in their own work but resemble Luca and Navareen (The Devil and God) best so I'm gonna throw a few of those up there and some new characters who just popped onto the page...hello...I mean really, "hi" and as always music.

 Luca (Lucifer)

Lord Jehovah Navareen



Desdemona and Luca

Brogen the Alpha Wolf 

Kima, the Alpha Wolf Mate

Lord Jehovah Navareen and Luca 

Mikael the Vampire King of New York

New York After the Meteor


These are songs I've been listening to, to inspire the story. 

I don't want to give too much away, but these are teasers

Lay all Your Love On Me 

Cody Frost



This is so good and reminds me of the characters

Frozen/ Like a Prayer 



Show the SOLITARY KING some love. For the first time in my life, being Azriel Hope (I've done it for my boss many many times)

I am ALMOST on a best seller list. We can make this happen...cause it's almost there. So if you liked The Solitary King, tell your friends and spread the word. 

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