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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Why? And it's DONE!!!!

I'm sitting here taking a day before I begin a bunch of other projects...just reflecting. I am thrilled that The Fallen Angel Immortal Romance story has now been TOLD :) and soon you will read it all. :) 

I am Azriel Hope and that is a part of my name :) but I have a name I use every day. I have a traditionally published young adult novel series that will be here in a billion years :) but I didn't want kids getting a hold of my Azriel Hope books so I separated my name to make sure they didn't read them one day. I am also a best-selling novelist for contemporary romances under a pen name I ghostwrite for my boss. Sadly I can't say who I am :( I am also waiting to hear if a television movie I wrote with a friend will get a green-light. We are really close :)

There will be more books by Azriel Hope, in fact, the next book, a stand-alone, is in the works. It has been outlined and I'm getting ready to tease you about it :)

But before I put the Fall of Arcades series to rest (until other stuff happens to it...more on that later after it happens.)  I wanted to share WHY! This series and this story....

I started these books a year ago. A little over a year ago my dear, amazing, loving, almost damn near perfect mother was murdered. I was the one to find her...and I can't say any more about it because of the trial and lawsuits and horrible stuff. 

It was sudden, unexpected and brutal. Nobody should die the way she did, especially someone so beautiful. 

I didn't know where to put my thoughts, so The Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series was born. It was a way to sift through the pain without sifting through the pain. 

Also... it was a coming out of sorts. It is the first book I've written that is published, the YA novel also has sexually fluid characters :) but as I said it's a hundred years away from being published, that speaks to fluidity in sexuality. Growing up I never had a book to read that reflected anything that my relationships looked like..and they still don't really look like them. So I gave the world something I needed growing up, a place to see the love I gave and received ... So much was caught up in not being able to be...and so I hope this romance series gives people a chance to see love as it can be, simply love with all of its complications, turmoil, and passion.

And so now it's done. I feel proud this story is out. Is it my tour de force?...maybe not, but it sure was fun :) I hope it was fun for you too. 

Next up...Desdemona! A contemporary dystopian fantasy....and (shhh a retelling of Adam and Eve..ish). 

JUST ONE MORE WEEK and THE REIGN OF A QUEEN will be here and trust is worth the wait. I'm still spinning and buzzing from the story...and I wrote it :)

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