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Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 WHAT???? Wait!!!!!! What's happening? 

Okay, settle down....(as if there is anyone reading this who isn't completely settled down right now).

So, I went out into the world as Azriel Hope and wrote an Azriel Hope book for mainstream...ish. I still was me, love, sexual fluidity, trying new things, but the publisher seemed to be all about that...and then, in the end, they weren't so...THE SOLITARY KING will now be an Azriel Hope book. I need to do a few tweaks, should only take a couple of days, get a cover, should also take a couple of days and a few beta readers...that might take a little more time. (Anyone wanna raise their hand to beta read? Just leave me a comment in the comment section and I'll send you a copy in a few days.) Oh, and I need to get it professionally edited...all doable in a pretty reasonable time frame. Ooooh, I'm excited.

Here's the logline :) 

THE SOLITARY KING, 60K words, is a story about Prince Dane, whose father is ready to abdicate the throne on the condition that Dane finds a wife and marries her quickly before he is coronated, king. The only problem is Dane is in a relationship with his bodyguard, Asher. Reluctantly, Dane selects a wife from the list provided for him, and against Asher's wishes, he chooses Lyric a beautiful ballet dancer who has run from her royal heritage. As Asher grapples with his worry that he will lose Dane to his wife, Dane faces rejection when Lyric refuses his proposal. On a mission to satisfy his lover, Asher brings Lyric back to the castle, and their tenuous friendship becomes love. Dane soon finds the same love for the kind-hearted Lyric and now they must sacrifice themselves for roles they must play so that Dane can become king. As Asher, Lyric, and Dane face the prejudice of their kingdom, Dane realizes things have to change in order for them to ever be happy together...and so he becomes the solitary king.

It's sexy and fun, has series potential and it's all MINE yay. Actually happy that mainstream didn't want it. Now to go and make it sing just a little more. 

This story was inspired by this incredible Spanish film The Sex of Angels (Le Sexo De Los Angeles) ironically where I live. (Not Spain, I wish, But Los Angeles)

Okay...perhaps two Azriel Hope books will debut this month...WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

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