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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Oh She's Doing far. Desdemona!!!!!!

 "Desdemona closed her eyes and jumped. There was air and weightlessness and nothing...until his warm arms held her and finally the tears that had been so strangled in her psyche flowed. Was it relief, fear, both? She didn’t understand them, but he did."

                                                        - The day Desdemona meets Luca... (Lucifer)

Time meet some of the characters in Desdemona :) (of course, these are just concept art snatched from the Internet)


Biracial but passes for white, though doesn't want to. She's twenty years old living in EDEN (Enclave for the Daughters of Eve and Nature) being pursued by both God and the Devil to win a bet.


Desdemona's best friend and a mother to Elijah a nine-year-old boy.


A transgendered teenager working at Lush a dance club where clients book dancers to perform for them. She also is the queen of the balls held nightly at Lush. 

Landry also works at Lush and does a lot more than dance...and she loves it. 

Killah is a bodyguard who protects the women of EDEN and the children in the Kinderbridge.

Sharkey is a gay man living in EDEN to escape the streets where he was beaten within an inch of his life. He's the life of the party now...

Nina a biracial teenage girl who is a shy and reserved scientist, someone Desdemona has taken under her wing.

Luca is Lucifer, the devil. He's made a bet with God to woo Desdemona and in doing so will save humanity which has become so debaucherous God has chosen to obliterate them. If Luca can get Desdemona to choose him, knowing who he is...he will win and humanity is saved. 

Lord Jehovah Navareen (Joe) is God almighty. He's tired of the hateful way humans treat one another and is ready to end them all. He makes a bet with the devil, whoever can woo Desdemona first will have the right to destroy or save the human race. The devil, in a strange twist of irony, fights to save them as God seeks to destroy everything he once created. 

and some music to make you go hmmm"

The Comunards. (Don't mind the cheesy video...close your eyes and listen)

Bellsaint Uninvited

Desdemona a dystopian Adam and Eve retelling...
Coming September 2020


  1. I have found editing mistakes including a name in the series of books. I am an ARC reviewer and wondered if you had an email address to send the notes to. Mine is



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