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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Almost there. The Solitary King


The Solitary King is ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is all taking just a wee bit longer than expected because of my other writing projects. (Hallmark movie, YA novel series, and a book for Harlequin) BUT the Solitary King has had beta feedback and PEOPLE LOVE IT!!!

It's definitely a fun read. The book isn't meant to be anything more than just fun and enjoyable. So mission accomplished. :) 

If you like MMF romances...hold on, we are almost there :) I'll have a date for you tomorrow, but it's close and Desdemona will be right behind it, so two new Azriel Hope books will be out before Halloween. WEEEEEEE.

Here is some inspired eye-candy

and a song. (I've been listening to this Euphoria :) and it works as inspiration for The Solitary King...) so here you are. 

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