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Monday, January 18, 2021

Where is Desdemona? And all the books and things....

 If any of you are asking it's a fair question, what happened to Desdemona? Well, it's alive and well and going through a rewrite :) my amazing partner in crime found a few tweaks that needed to be made and they are being made so that the book is all that much more enjoyable. In the meantime, I have written a holiday-themed historical book that should be a lot of fun. 

CELESTINE: is set in 1900's Paris and is sort of Bridgeton meets Moulin Rouge, minus the singing dwarf and all of the stately balls...

The story follows Celestine a Moroccan/Swedish lead dancer at the Palais Rose whose father, the owner of the theater, has made her their most expensive courtesan. The sweet-tempered Celestine brings love to all who pay for her services and is content but not happy with her fate. 

Visiting the theater one night is the despondent Monsieur Adrien Louis, an international businessman and morose widower who pines for his lost wife and son. Without much hope for the future, Adrien contemplates ending his life. Being encouraged by a business associate to join him at the Palais Rose, Adrien reluctantly goes only to be enchanted by the show's star; Celestine. 

Celestine upheaves his world so completely he buys her contract from the Palais Rose and enters an agreement with her that she might only provide him company. He has no interest in having sex with a woman who has been paid and used by so many other men. 

Celestine agrees to the contract and her first act of companionship is to attend a Christmas Feast at the home of Adrien's neighbor, which quickly turns savage as Celestine's identity is discovered by a lecherous patron.

More committed to helping Celestine, Adrien whisks her away from the theater and from there, a tenuous relationship is born as Celestine discovers her true talent is in writing the ultimate love story, one that tells of the love between Adrien and his lost wife in the wilds of India...

Will their care for one another ever become something more? Will Adrien allow himself to love the whore who came to Christmas?

You'll have to just read...Celestine :)

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