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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Desdemona is in the works and is almost....sort of there. :) Probably will publish in August...maybe, mostly, ya.

This is a recent Facebook Post :) 
I'm writing my new book and it's like...okay. It's God and the Devil and they are fighting over the same woman and there are vampires and werewolves and upscale NY restaurants and there's still Broadway but most of the human population died of a virus and everyone lives in militarized enclaves and oh it's the end of the world...and yes there are transgendered women like in Pose and murder hornets....just kidding there aren't any murder hornets, but a meteor is heading towards earth....oh and it's a romance. DESDEMONA.

To this, my oldest daughter responds: "I love you, Mom. You are" And seriously I'm not exactly sure how she meant it. I'm thinking the wow wasn't like WOW mom you are amazing, it was probably more in line with "wow mom, you are extra...or weird...or um, I probably shouldn't say what you are"
Oh, and did you notice the cover reveal? Hmmmm. 
It's coming along getting more month to go and Desdemona will arrive. I think, mostly....sure.

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